AvaHyr twinkled: The inspiration

teal star fieldNot too long ago, an ex told me that he was investing 50k Lindens on a "friend"'s business. Second Life is the ideal platform to bootstrap a business with no investment, not even a membership fee. So why does anyone need 50kL for a business?

He explained the service that she would be offering, and he said that the money is for a banner ad on the Second Life Marketplace.

Well, I don't know what banner ads he was talking about. Plus, I had tried offering that service before, and a lot of my friends are more skilled at it than she is. So I told him that her business isn't gonna fly, and he would never see that money again. And, besides, she's targeting the wrong audience, because people go to the Marketplace to look for a product, not a service. (Although, I'm sure there are exceptions.)

So, that problem churned in the back of my head for a while.

  • There really is no single place for customers to find good service providers in Second Life.
  • There really is no single place for providers to advertise their service without spending a lot of L$.

The Marketplace made it possible for new content creators to start a business and reach out to a wide audience with minimal investment (just enough to upload textures and mesh objects). Service providers need something like that too.

So, I created AvaHyr. And my goal is to make it the place to search for service providers.

Anyway, my ex and I no longer speak to each other, so I don't know if he actually gave his "friend" the money. He became upset, when I blatantly told him that she was probably just trying to turn him into her sugar daddy.

He thinks I'm just jealous; I think he's an i.... Well, let's just say I mistakenly thought he was smart. ;)

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